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Feng Shui Hotel South Tyrol

The art of harmony
Have you ever noticed that you sleep better in some rooms and not so great in others? Or that you are calmer, more concentrated and/or productive in some places? These situations are caused by something called ‘atmosphere’, or the ‘energy’ of the rooms. It is this atmosphere, which allows us to feel relaxed and well in many places.

Feng Shui Hotel in South Tyrol
The renovation work in our hotel was carried out according to the principles of Feng Shui. The elements in each room were calculated and a decisive factor in choosing the colour design. Rooms with the WATER element are rich in blue tones, METAL rooms are designed in white and grey, EARTH rooms come in yellows and browns, rooms with the element of FIRE feature red colours and rooms with the element of WOOD are kept in green. Corners and edges are avoided and the paintings have been individually created by your host Gudrun Tauber for each room.

Rooms and explanations of the elements 

Living in harmony – the teaching of Feng Shui
Feng Shui is based on the teaching that everything is made of energy, also called ‘chi’. Only when the chic flows harmoniously in all parts of a room, will you find true health, success and well-being. If the chi is blocked, it is said that this creates a feeling of being unhealthy, leading to failure and illness. Feng Shui ensures that there is a constant harmonic flow of energy and is a type of acupuncture for the room... leading you to live in balance and harmony!

Colour – sounds – light & plants
Colours, light, plants and sounds exert an influence of the human psyche. According to Feng Shui, they have the power to improve a room, neutralise imbalance and optimise the flow of energy.
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