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History of the Hotel Rastbichler

The art of tradition and the future
The hotel was called ‘Wirt am Keller‘.
 since 1620The name changed to ‘Raspichler‘ or ‘Rossbichler‘, which was turned into ‘Rastbichler‘ in the local dialect. This was also the name of the proprietor at the end of the 18th Century. In 1802, Jakob Rossbichler constructed the chapel, which belongs to the hotel.
 1974The parents of Meinrad Tauber built the new Hotel Rastbichler right beside the old pub/guesthouse. A comfort hotel with 80 beds, spacious dining rooms and lounges, an indoor swimming pool and sauna.
 2000Meinrad Tauber and his wife Gudrun took over the hotel.
 2005It only took 100 days of renovation during the spring….. and the hotel was turned into today’s Art and Feng Shui Hotel. The exterior, all 40 rooms, the foyer, as well as the office were completely re-built.
 2014in june, the dining room has been renovated. Now it shines in new bright colors.
 2016 in november we build a new welless area: Finnish sauna, Infra-red sauna, 2 area relax, a tea-corner

 rastbichler-alt1-1560-1973-72dpi rastbichler-alt2-1974-2004-72dpi
 1560 - 1973 1974 -2004 
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