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Finnish Sauna at hotel Rastbichler

Your vacation at Kiens/Chienes
Enjoy a physical and spiritual renewal in our steam sauna - FREE OF CHARGE!

Tried and tested rules for the sauna
How to use the sauna properly!!

In recent years the sauna area has become a source of relaxation for both young and old. Sweating in the sauna is healthy too. Regular visits to the sauna strengthen the immune system and circulation, the skin which is the body’s largest organ is cleansed, vitalised and becomes fresher and firmer. However useful a visit to the sauna my be in preventing colds and flu’, if you already have a cold or flu’, the sauna should be avoided. (here we recommend the use of the infra red cabin).

 Here are a few tips to help you enjoy the beneficial effects of the sauna correctly:

- Do not use the sauna after eating. Wait at least two hours as the body is still too busy with your meal.
- Have a shower before using the sauna. This helps to moisten the skin and reduce any body odours which do not belong in the sauna. Afterwards dry yourself thoroughly. For the first round go into the hot room completely naked. In the sauna you should try to lay flat so that your body adjusts to the temperature evenly. A sauna towel should be used to prevent contact with the wood.
- About two minutes before the end of the round sit up again so that your circulation can stabilize itself. Otherwise you may be dizzy.
- We recommend not staying in the sauna longer than 15 minutes per round. Usually the body sends its own signals as to when the round should be ended. Pay attention to these signals !
- If possible, after the sauna, go out into the fresh air and top up with oxygen.
- When cooling down with the water hose or showers try to start with your feet and work upwards the body.
- After the round, rest and keep your feet warm.
- Three rounds in the sauna consisting of heat - cooling - rest are enough. More would only tire the body and not increase the healthy effect.
- After the sauna your body needs fluids. Mineral water or fruit juice would be the best.
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